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Catacombe Bracelet

$40.00 - $55.00

Iron Chains
Glass beads
Assorted mixed metal crosses

see options, request custom if necessary ♡

Estimated/Typical Processing Time:
3-14 DaysThis does not include shipping/delivery time, only time it takes to make the item. This is only an estimate, and actual processing time may be more or less than this estimate.

Disclaimers & Notes:
† Each bracelet will look different in terms of cross placement and style, and will be labeled as one in a series of numbered editions.

‡ Additional Colors: This option dictates any colored beads or crosses you would like to see included. The number and style of colored accents will vary. Feel free to add more details in the order notes. For any specifics or guaranteed requests, please start a custom order.

Remakes of previous editions cannot be guaranteed and may not be possible depending on material availability. To inquire about this possibility, please reach out through the contact page.

ꙮ Feel free to request custom lengths, or small general requests in the order notes. Not all requests are possible to be accommodated this way, and more complex/strictly desired requests should be made via custom order

See the INFO page for more Shipping & Fulfillment info